Elijah Loving, veteran Graphic Designer is now happily a full-time Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, and Writer. You could say he has been working within the industry since childhood to the chagrin of his English teachers. Always preferring illustrations over writing essays at school because comics and graphic novels were far more fun.  Currently, he lives in small-town Iowa where the wide landscapes and big sky country of the Midwest lend themselves well to his imagination.  He lives there with his family who also challenge the boundaries of his imagination.




Comics &

Graphic Novels


These are my passion!  I can't imagine doing anything else. Whether it's a poster working on my craft or developing a full graphic novel project - I'm all in!  Illustrating specifically in this genre has always been a passion for me from a young age.  Telling stories in pictorial form is how I used to get into trouble at school.  There is so much depth of thought that goes into the comics that I'm drawn to. Ones with a strong sense of theatrics that combine watercolors and inks are my kryptonite.  


ComiCons are the 21st Century's comic bookshop where the nerdtastic come to commune.  This opportunity to not only meet fans and have the opportunity to see and greet artists who are passionate about their work and are excited to share their amazing talents is freaking fantabulous!  These opportunities to combine fandom and professional development are immensely valuable and appreciated.  Check here often for updates on where we can meet at the next ComiCon Event!



The key to Masterminds is: self-education.  The realm of education is rapidly changing from a gate-keeper system of art schools and accreditations to professional development on a self-guided initiative. The beauty behind Mastermind events is that they are high-value events that are geared to your individual goals and needs.  Being a part of this tsunami is an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled and driven to be a part of this education evolution.  The idea of providing you with information that is valuable within the industry and not purely theoretical but authentic education.





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If you are looking for design work, consulting, or have illustration needs by Elijah Loving, now is the time to contact Tikvah Inc. and get penciled in! His schedule is booking currently just a year in advance.   

Working as an Illustrator in areas like Graphic Novels, I am reminded on a daily basis that the world we live in is a culture of text and images that are continually brought together through different combinations. I find it to be an exciting adventure to be a part of the whole production process. From a young age, I have always wanted to be involved in all aspects of the creative process without being just a part of an assembly line, hence Tikvah Inc.  




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